Mime, Actress, Presenter, Comedienne and Coach Elke Kaiser from Berlin

Comedienne: Comedy-Characters & Comedy Walkacts:

Elke Kaiser embodies as a comedienne, among other things, a comedy waitress, comedy cook, comedy paparazzo, comedy cleaning lady, comedy security, comedy stewardess, comedy doctor, comedy politician.

Mime & Mime Walkact

Elke Kaiser's pantomime repertoire includes the living doll, the robot and the sculpture.

Fantasy & Middle Age-Entertainment

Tyra the medieval fortune-teller / medieval seer, medieval gypsy, medieval fairy tale fairy, medieval court fool

Actress & Presenter

The Berlin-based actress Elke Kaiser is also a natural charming presenter (German, English, French).

Coach: Acting, Business Coaching, Back Therapy Training

Elke Kaiser gives her knowledge and experience further as a coach for Acting & Body-Language / Self-Presentation & Presentation / Relaxation & Back Therapy Training / Business Coaching / Mime-Acting & Commedia dell´arte.